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Premature Ejaculation - Symptom, Types, Causes and Treatment

Premature Ejaculation in Urdu

سرعت انزال مردوں کے جنسی مسائل میں سرفہرست ہے۔ یہ صورتحال نہ صرف ذہنی دبائو اور ازدواجی مسائل پیدا کرتی ہے بلکہ اکثر بانجھ پن اور بے اولادی کی وجہ بھی بنتی ہے۔ ایسے میں جنسی صحت کے مارین سے رابطہ اور مشورہ کرنا ازحد اہم ہے۔ اس سے نہ صرف آپ اپنی صحت بہتر کر سکتے ہیں بلکہ اس بیماری کے باعث ہونے والی دیگر وجوہات کا بھی سدباب کرنے میں مدد حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔ 

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Summary about Premature Ejaculation in English

The DSM 5, a diagnostic manual used as a guide for the diagnosis of psychological disorders describes premature ejaculation (PE) as a sexual disorder in which the person’s ejaculation requires very little sexual stimulation or occurs right after penetration, without the desire of the person to ejaculate at that time. This condition also causes distress in the individual.
It is a type of sexual dysfunction that possesses great potential to damagingly affect the person’s sexual life and its quality. While reproduction is also hindered by this sexual dysfunction, one of the main problems that it ensues is the sexual dissatisfaction experienced by both the sexual partners.

Symptoms of Premature Ejaculation

The medical symptoms, of premature ejaculation, particularly its more persistent type, include the following:

  • The ejaculation happens before the act of sexual penetration or within a minute of it, every time, or nearly every time.
  • It is hard for the individual to delay their ejaculation just about every time sexual penetration happens.
  • The individual consequently avoids sexual intimacy because of feelings of distress and frustration.

After the medical symptoms come to the psychological symptoms. Either or both partners can experience these. They include:

  • a decline in relationship confidence
  • problems in communicating with each other.
  • psychological distress
  • anxiety
  • shame
  • depression

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

A part of the problem lies in the chemistry of the brain; it has been found through research that men with more inhibited levels of serotonin within their brains often develop this problem. Nevertheless, there are emotional aspects to this condition as well as the person might be stressed or depressed. He could feel overly anxious about how they perform in sexual intercourse. Hence, he might have some guilt regarding the relationship. Relationship problems also can lead to premature ejaculation.
It can also happen to men who have erectile dysfunction as they cannot get their genitals properly erect for intercourse. They might worry too much that they would lose their erection which then ends up rushing their ejaculation. This could prove to be a very hard pattern to overcome.

Risk Factors of Premature Ejaculation

The risk factors reflect a lot of the causes of this dysfunction. A close relative with this disorder could increase the risk. Furthermore, males who have lower levels of serotonin are also at a higher risk. So are those who have a history of depression or anxiety. Another more direct risk factor is if the individual has an erectile disorder in which there are problems in his erection.

Preventive Measures of Premature Ejaculation

Certain measures can be taken to prevent premature ejaculation. These measures include stimulating the genitals to receive climax about one or two hours before intercourse and using a condom that is very thick so that the sensation could be minimized. One could also try to breathe deeply to hinder the ejaculatory reflex. Further measures include having intercourse with the partner in a position in which they could pull away whenever the male is about to ejaculate and taking breaks in between intercourse and the male repeatedly distracting himself in order to delay ejaculation.
Couple therapy can also help, especially if they are in a long-term relationship.

Types of Premature Ejaculation

There are various types of premature ejaculation:

  • Lifelong Premature Ejaculation. This type of ejaculation is the one in which the male has suffered from this condition right from the beginning of his sexual life. As per research, the strongest cause behind this type of ejaculation is of genetic origins.
  • Acquired Premature Ejaculation. Males who have this condition usually have had a normal behavior of ejaculation or sexual performance which then declines and then they start to ejaculate prematurely. The causes of this type could be related to stress regarding life. Low serotonin levels are a potential cause.
  • Subjective Premature Ejaculation. This type is characterized by distortions in the male’s thoughts or insistence that they are ejaculating prematurely. Even when a clinician informs that their sexual performance is fairly normal, they do not let go of this insistence that they have that problem. So it could be said that subjective premature ejaculation is the type of PE in which the male constantly imagines that he has a problem with ejaculating prematurely even when there is no issue.
  • Variable Premature Ejaculation. As the name implies, this type occurs normally in males who are irregular in their ejaculation; while they might experience normal sexual performance most of the time, there are instances in which they ejaculate prematurely. This might occur with just one sexual partner or with some particular partners and might also be restricted to certain scenarios or conditions.